The Owlet Smart Baby Is A New Way To Monitor Your Baby’s Sleep And Health

With the Owlet app, parents can track their child’s sleeping patterns, monitor their breathing, and even wake them up if they fall asleep while feeding or changing diapers.

The market has been saturated with smart baby monitors. There are so many to choose from and the market is changing constantly. It’s no wonder that many parents are looking for an alternative. So, is an Owlet Smart Sock Monitor worth buying? That is the question every parent is asking. Today, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this smart device.

The Owlet Smart Baby Is A New Way To Monitor Your Baby's Sleep And Health

The Owlet smart baby monitor tracks your baby’s heart rate, temperature, and movement throughout the day. It also has an alarm that will wake you if your baby stops breathing for too long.

Start Tracking with Owlet Socks

If you’re looking for a new way to keep tabs on your baby, the Owlet smart baby monitor might be just what you need. This device connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to see how much sleep your little one gets each night. You can also use the Owlet app to check on your baby’s vital signs, such as heart rate, breathing, and body temperature.

What is an Owlet Smart Sock?

The Owlet Smart Sock is a new wearable for your baby. It’s a waterproof sock that has a heart rate monitor and oxygen saturation sensor.

The device connects to the internet via WiFi and sends data to your phone or tablet. What makes this different than most smart devices is that it only needs one power source – the battery from your child’s sock!

Owlet baby monitor socks

Why Buy An Owlet Smart Sock Monitor?

The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor is a great option for parents looking to monitor their baby and the most notable reason is that it can alert you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels are dropping. With this device, you can monitor your child’s breathing pattern and blood oxygen levels while they’re sleeping.

The device also syncs with an app on your phone. This allows you to watch everything happening in real time and gives you peace of mind that your baby is getting enough rest.

And unlike other devices, the Owlet Smart Sock Monitor doesn’t need to be charged or plugged into the function.

Another great thing about this smart sock is that it has a battery life of up to 12 hours which means no more worrying about needing to charge the device before bedtime!

In conclusion, the Owlet Smart Sock Monitor is a great option for parents looking for a new way to monitor their children during sleep. It’s easy to use after setting it up, reliable, and tracks a lot of data in your hands.

Pros of Using an Owlet Smart Sock Monitor

  • It’s able to track your child’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.
  •  If you take care of your socks, these will last up to 18 months before having to be replaced. That’s a lot cheaper than other products on the market.
  • You can check in from anywhere in the world with their app and monitor your child while they are sleeping or playing.

Cons of Using An Owlet Smart Sock Monitor

  • First of all, there is a monthly fee. The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor is not exactly cheap. In fact, it costs around $350. That might seem like a fair price for what you get.
  •  The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor does require a Wi-Fi connection in order to work. And if your internet goes out, you are out of luck because this monitor doesn’t have its own internet connection.
  • The other con is that parents are required to use an app on their smartphone in order to see what the baby sees. Yes, it’s great that you can get on your phone and see your baby as they sleep but there are no physical monitors attached to the sock which means you only have one angle of the room.

Finally, the Owlet Smart Sock Monitor requires some setup time before use. There are a lot of setup and configurations before parents can start using this monitor and some parents might find it frustrating to try and set up this device with their new baby already at home or soon-to-come home from the hospital when they could be spending more time bonding with them instead.

Final Words: Should You Buy An Owlet Smart Sock Monitor?

The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor is not for every parent. It’s probably best for parents who are a little more tech-savvy and want to go above and beyond the basics when it comes to monitoring their child.

If you like the idea of getting notifications whenever your baby’s heart rate becomes irregular, then you might want to invest in an Owlet Smart Sock Monitor.

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