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Best Baby Monitor to Buy

So today I am going to talk about baby monitors and the Best baby monitor to buy, how you can choose the right one for you…


Now there are so many different varieties of baby monitors out there but one of the main questions you need to ask yourself before you get started is 

“where do you actually want to use your baby monitors?”


If you can answer that question then the next step to picking the right type of baby monitor will be much easier,

Now there are three main types of monitors 

  1. The Audio Baby Monitor
  2. The Video Baby Monitor
  3. The smart Baby Monitor

So today I’m just going to go through and talk about each type and give you a reference so that you know exactly what you will get for each type of baby monitor.

Baby Monitor Types

The Audio Baby Monitor

So the first thing we’re going to talk about is the audio baby monitor,  it is very basic but is also very dependable.

Now Concept is very simple all you’re getting here is just audio and some of them do equip you for the parents to be able to talk to the baby so it’s two-way kind of like a walkie-talkie.

So essentially is it just you have a baby unit and a parent unit what it does is the baby unit will stay in the baby’s room and the parent unit, of course, will be with you or near you so you can hear it well. 

They are quite long-range we have a house with over 2 200 square foot of space and I place the baby unit inside the babies room and walk around the entire house and have no issue receiving the signal…  

And even when I walk outside down the street from my house I was still able to receive the signal.

So the signal for this one is quite strong it’s over 1000 feet, So you can be sure That if you just want something simple when you put the baby down and then you do work in a different room this will be good enough.

And also the fact that this thing not only has the audio function but also can you can turn the volume all the way down and just have it vibrate depend on the type and brand itself

So let’s say if you for example listening to music and you’re unable to hear the baby Monitor or you don’t want to hear. You can set it to vibrate then. 

So whenever the baby is making noise in his or her room your parent unit will vibrate to signal you that the baby is awake… 

So yeah it’s very affordable if you are on a budget or you just want something simple this is the way to go… 

The next Baby monitor I need to talk about is, 

The video Baby Monitor

Now they are very popular nowadays so it is quite affordable but a little bit more expensive than the audio version obviously because it has a screen now typically there are two versions

One is wi-fi the other is non-wi-fi

The Non-Wifi

Baby monitor that doesn’t need wifi…

Now for the video monitor, it’s super easy to get set up all you have to do is just turn on the monitor and plug in the video camera to the power supply then you are ready to go.

There is a battery within the monitor itself but there is no battery with the camera so once you turn these two on you’re basically done they will link up with each other you are ready to go for any type of video monitor.

I would strongly suggest you get something that’s HD and also for the monitor go with the 5 inches or above. 

And also check to have a top back function so if your baby is buzzing on the other end and you cannot get to your baby right away you can talk to your baby via the monitor.

So obviously it has a limited range. And the same thing as the Audio one we’re running around in the house and have no problem.

Now for this wi-fi one

it’s quite popular nowadays too because a lot of time if you have a security system at home such as simply safe, it comes with the system so what you need to do is really just set it into babies room at whichever angle that you want to monitor your baby.

from then you’re pretty much all set because you already have the app by owning the security system just make sure that you check on your particular system because for us if we want to save the videos we do need to pay a monthly subscription.

You just need to double-check whether or not you can save your video on your phone or on a memory card or cloud, then you might have to end up paying a monthly subscription for…

So the last type I want to talk about is the,

Smart Baby Monitor

This is kind of trending nowadays because of the fact that this can actually do a whole lot more than just the video and audio monitoring of the baby.

So what this does is it also needs to completely connect to your wi-fi and baby monitor linked to iphone, or android… You have to download an app to your iphone or android. 

it can monitor your baby whether or not he or she is sounding, sleeping or they are moving in the bed, Hear Rate and Breathing, and much more… 

That’s why I see it is the best baby monitor to buy.

Also, another Wow features like if the monitor detects the baby is crying you can set it in a way that it will start playing music to the baby to kind of soothe your little one. 

It’s very good for parents who want to get more data about their baby’s sleeping habit and what they are actually doing in bed and their health so you can record videos and data.

Also some have a memory card within it so all the video will be stored within the memory card You can also download it into your iphone as well.

So there might be some installation involved with the smart baby camera.

Check out this review we made for the top 2 Smart baby monitor  Owlet or Nanit


You have it all, These are the three types of baby monitors…

Now again going back to the beginning of The article I was asking a question

  • “Where do you want to use your baby monitor?”
  • “And “Which is the best baby monitor to buy?”

The answer of the questions will narrow down what kind of baby Monitor you need.

For the non-wi-fi video baby monitor and the Audio baby monitor, these two can only stay within a certain range so just keep that in mind if you just want to use it at home these two might be the perfect option.

Now if you need to check on the baby when you’re at work and see whether the babysitter is doing the job or not.

Then you might need to consider a wi-fi version of the smart baby monitor, So you do need to have really good wi-fi at home.

If wi-fi is weak over at your baby’s room you might not be able to pick it up in your app.

So that’s something that you want to keep in mind so there are some pros and cons for each one of them.

But overall You the one will know the needs and what is best for you and your little one.

Final Words

And I always recommend the Smart one because it shows you a lot of data that can help you keep your Little one safe and Healthy… 

As You can see the heart rate, Temperature, breathing, and sleeping positions all in your hand.

If you have any questions or need any help just comment below and I will reply back to you