20+ Bonding Activities for Siblings They will love

Having a younger sibling can be a challenge. They fight, they bicker, and they drive you up the wall. But, with a little patience and understanding, you can build a positive relationship with your sibling. Here are some fun activities for siblings: strategies to keep the peace and make this a memorable experience.

  • Siblings Bonding Ideas: Strategies To Keep The Peace
  • Examples of Bonding Activities for Siblings 
bonding Activities for siblings
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Are you tired of sibling rivalry and looking for some Bonding activities for siblings to help them become closer and avoid clashes, We are all in the same boat!!! One of the best ways to avoid sibling rivalry is to engage your kids in some super fun sibling activities that increase the bond between them in a fun way.

Most activities are quick and easy to set up. Some of the ideas are very simple and just ready simple games recommended you can get them from Amazon or any online store. And other small home activities don’t need any unique equipment. 

You may ask yourself “Why Sibling Bonding and Activities That Strengthen is it Important?

If you still asking this question I recommend clicking on the question to know first why those Sibling bonding activities are Important.

Sibling Bonding Activities is one of the best Ways to make your kids bonded together in a better way loving, protecting each others. 

Make a Siblings and Family Date

If you and your sibling haven’t done the “make a date” thing yet, you should. Having a fixed time to see each other makes all the difference in the world when it comes to sibling relationships. You set a time and stick to it, even if you have to force yourself to show up. Instead of avoiding each other, you build up a tolerance for one another’s presence. This alone can make all the difference in the world.

Go Out In Public

Sometimes, the only way to get along with your siblings is to go out in public and treat each other like an actual adults. This means no name-calling, no bullying, and no treating each other like a kid. Tucking away your sibling’s childlike behavior, and treating them as an actual, full-blown adult can help you see your relationship from a different and more mature perspective.

Make A Memory

There are a million and one ways to make a memory with your siblings. You can go to a museum, go for a drive, or go to a special event together.

Whatever you decide, make it memorable. This can be as simple as having a conversation, or as complex as an activity that you both look forward to doing again.

Eat a Meal As A Family

Eating at least one meal together as a family can improve your relationship with your sibling. This can’t be emphasized enough. Eating dinner as a family can be a chance for you and your sibling to talk to one another, and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Play Music Together

Playing instruments or singing together is a great way to pass the time, bond, and create memories. Whether you’re messing around on the piano, or jamming out on the drums, playing music with your sibling can be a lot of fun. This is also a great way to challenge yourself, and build your skills as a musician.

Have A Laugh

Something as simple as a funny joke, or a prank can help build bridges between siblings. Even if the joke is on you, laughing together is always better than fighting. Plus, who doesn’t love a good laugh?

New baby bonding

Examples of Sibling Bonding Activities :

1. Freeze Game

It is a Very Easy and simple game to let siblings do, You can play any music to make them dance and jump as they like and keep dancing till you pause the music, Once you pause the music they must keep freeze without any moves

2. Don’t let it fall

Don’t let the balloon fall, you give them one balloon and let them play together and keep collaborating together to push the balloon up, It shouldn’t touch the floor to avoid losing together, this game will help to increase the bonding between the Sibling.

3. The LAVA Game

Let your kids jump from one coach to another or pillows on the floor without touching the floor with their legs and help each other to move from one to another without touching the floor, This also will help to have the concept of helping each other.

4. How Can Pop the Balloon

Tie a balloon in one leg for each one and let’s see how can pop the other one first, it will be very supportive if you can tie one in your leg too, to make them play as a team against the Parents this will help a lot to work together in order to win together.

5. Balloon Side Walk

This is a must think and play it together in order to complete the game, increases the communication between them, Put a balloon between them and they have to take it from one place to another together without making the balloon touch the floor.

6. Pillow Sumo

Make them wear a big size shirt and put inside it from the 2 sides a pillow and let them crash in each other gently it is a lot of fun and they will love it a lot, But avoid playing hard to keep them safe and tell them to play in a gentle way, it is just for fun.

7. The Ball Roll

This simple activity encourages teamwork between siblings, Also it can be played by two, three, or even four siblings. Find a large piece of cardboard – a long, thin piece is best for two siblings, and a more square piece is better for three or four children to play with. Have the kids hold the cardboard at each end and place a ball onto the surface – the aim of the game is to roll the ball back and forth without letting it touch the floor. Siblings will have to work together to keep the ball on the cardboard, and the game can be played anywhere, it is very simple and easy to do and will keep them working together. 

8. Walk in one T-shirt

Put them together in one big t-shirt and ask them to do simple and funny tasks with a specific time when they are in it, this will make them think together to achieve the tasks you ask for also they will move together in order to finish what you ask.

9. Paint a big Draw 

Print a big Ready Draw and give them colors and ask them to paint it together and make the colors look good, they will learn to discuss choosing colors together and paint it part by part together and finish the job together as you asked them.

10. Bonded Together 

Get a rope and let them seat back to back and bond them together not too tight, and ask them to move from one place to another while they are bonded, Next step is to find a way to get unbonded together. This will also increase the communication of sibling skills and working together.

11. Apple Face Roll 

Get some apples and put them in a bowl then get one by one and put it between their faces and ask them to roll between their faces till they move it to the other bowl that is a bit far away from the first Bowl.

12. Compete against mom & dad

This is an awesome activity that will make the sibling bond more strength they will be playing and thinking together to win the parents in any challenge or small game, but it should be a funny thing like dancing, singing, hide and seek and let them win and lose to be always together trying winning and losing is very important. 

13. Stack them Together

Stack them together alone in a room and ask them in order to get out of this room they must find any one item or multiple items to let them out all in once, This simple activity will help them to keep together thinking and searching without any siblings fighting or arguments, they will help and think together to get out from the room as fast as they can, it can be played by 2 or more siblings, is it very easy very simple but let siblings work together in one of the greatest ways to strengthen the bond between them  

14. Treasure hunt

This one is perfect for sibling bonding activities, Pick some from your kid’s toys and hide them all around the home corners, Do a list of all the toys and items you hide in one piece of paper, ask them to start searching in the whole house with the list together to find all the items on the list one by one and mark every one they found to finish all the list together. 

15. Creating Bracelets

Creating bracelets and accessories together there are many toys nowadays can be the right game for this one, This game and type of toys let them play and start creating some coll bracelets together, it will help them do a good activity together and increases the creative thinking. 

16. Do a big Puzzle together 

Same as the above one, make them solve a big puzzle together (not a small one it should be a bit hard) to force them to think together and try to complete it in the right way together.

17. Rock Painting

You can them to a garden walk together and ask them to collect some rocks together and put them in a bag, Then take those rocks and let them wash them and clean them well (Will need a supervisor for sure You can help them as a parent for sure), after that give them a water color and ask them to color the rocks they collected together to do a great look collection of the rocks and you can keep it in a glass bowl in their rooms to see what they do together all the time.

18. Build a tower together with blocks

Search online and find a big block castle or any shape and bring the blocks and ask them to do the same shape or create any other good shape together they love to do and leave them to think together to find the best way to build this shape together. 

19. Make a hand paint together

Bring a big piece of white paper and watercolor jars 3 – 5 colors only not more than this to avoid being so messy, ask them to start painting with their hands and type their name together on the paint (if anyone can’t type his name yet the parent can help) and print their whole hand on the paper together and then hang it in their room it will be like a bond together forever. 

20. Let them do a cleaning activity together 

It is a very simple Idea but has a good impact to ask fighting siblings to finish one task together, Ask them to clean together their room or any room you would love to do so, they will keep working together to make clean as you asked, Plus it will help you make your home clean and tidy… 

21. Hide and Seek

Play it as a normal hide and seek but this time tries to be the person who is looking for them, not of them look for his brother or sister, The Parent should be the one how to seek and sibling hide, this will help them to go run fast together to find a place to hide together or help each other to find a good place.Sibl

You Can also watch this video below from PlayTivities that very nice to show you some great Bonding activities for siblings and how to do them


As you can see, there are many fun and meaningful ways and activities to spend time with your siblings. Whether you enjoy doing activities for siblings together, or just spending time alone, there’s something out there for everyone.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will get along with your siblings, so don’t expect everyone to be your friend. But, with a little effort, you can show your siblings that you care, make this a memorable experience, and strength the siblings bond between them.

If you want to learn more about how to get along with your sibling, or how to make this relationship work, talk to a mental health professional. They can help guide you through the difficult times, and help you build the positive relationships that you deserve.

sibling bonding activities
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