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How To Get Rid Of Pacifiers

How to get Rid of Pacifiers? 

As your child grows, he or she will no longer need to have and use a pacifier. Many children will not become dependent on these pacifiers and ultimately will just stop using them. Putting other things into their mouths seems to make them just as happy! Then there are those children who just will not give up their pacifier and it is often the case that it will take mom and dad some real tear jerking nights to get their child to give it up. If you are experiencing a situation like this and you need help in getting rid of a pacifier, some tried and true methods can help. 


Tips For Getting Rid Of Pacifiers

Ask your pediatrician if you believe there is a real dependency from your child on their pacifier. Some children are definitely obsessed with theirs and it will take work getting them to stop using them. To help you, consider these tips.


  1. Make the pacifier taste bad. Never use anything that is toxic or anything that is going to burn them (hot pepper is not okay to use and other types of food that may hurt his or her little mouth.) If you are unsure of what you can use, talk to the local pharmacist or baby doctor about products they can recommend. 
  2. Give it away. Many times, an emotional tie is holding the child with the pacifier. To break it, tell the child to give it away. The binky fairy is coming to take it, and is going to replace it with a stuffed animal, for example. This allows them a chance to say goodbye, too.
  3. Just take it away. Sometimes the best method of getting over the pacifier is just to go cold turkey. It may take a few restless nights and frustrations, but many children will break the habit quickly in this way.
  4. Do not give it to them for too long. If your baby is still young, do not let a dependency on the pacifier even happen. You can often accomplish this by simply allowing the pacifier use infrequently.
  5. Read books together. There are books available that you can read with your toddler to help them to understand why they are giving up on their pacifier.


Finding the right way to break the pacifier habit is a process and some children just will not like it. plus it needs a good effort and time from the parent side,  Yet, over time, they will give up the pacifier and you can then hold on to it for memories.

I hope this post was helpful for you to know some tips for get rid of pacifiers… 

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Get rid of pacifier
How To Get Rid Of Pacifiers

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