10 Ways to Help Siblings Bond with a New Baby

help siblings bond

The arrival of a new baby may be the greatest joy for some parents, but Siblings bond with the new baby it can cause tension among family members. It’s natural for older siblings to miss their parents’ attention and feel worried their parents won’t have time for them anymore. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help the transition go smoothly. Here are 10 ways you can help your child bond with their baby sibling.

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  • The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time
  • Why you should build a bong with his Older brothers and Sisters 
  • 10 Ways to help siblings bond with a new baby
  • Conclusion
Welcome new baby

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time

A new baby in the family means a lot of changes. Family dynamics may change, parents’ attention might be divided, and siblings will have to adjust to a new reality.

It can be hard for everyone to adjust, but it is important to find ways to help each other out. Especially his older brother or sister, they will realize suddenly that all the attention was taken from them and they will feel neglected, Not from parents’ attitude only but from the bigger family grandparents, uncles, friends, etc…

They are not meant to any of those but it is normal that all people focus on the new little one joining the family. Here comes your role as a parent to avoid it as much as you can and we are going to give great tips to follow in the next section that will help you control it to the max. 

Why should you build a Siblings bond with new baby and older Brothers and Sisters?

It can be so difficult for older siblings when they are suddenly pushed to the side in favor of the newest member of the family. For some children, this can lead to feeling like they’re being replaced. Other children may have feelings of jealousy, resentment, or even anger as they realize their relationship with their parents has changed.

So you need to work on the bond between siblings from now on to make sure they grow old together without any bad feelings and the relationship is healthy and they do support each other and keep an eye on each other. 

What should I do now to accept the new baby sibling?

10 ways to help siblings bond with a new baby 

1. Understanding the situation

When your new baby arrives, it’s important to reassure your other children that they are still a priority. Let them know that you will have time for them, but right now the baby needs extra attention.

2. Make sure they know they’re still important

Even though they’re being asked to share the responsibilities of their household with a new member, and even if it’s tough for them. The child needs to feel like they still matter in this process — so do not neglect communicating that the family is made up of two parents who both love him or her dearly.

Note: Even though there are going to be some changes, your child will always have an important place in the family unit. So don’t forget about reassuring your little one that he/she means just as much now even more!

3. Give them extra love and attention

It’s easy for kids to get left out when they are the youngest in the family. Giving your bigger children extra love and attention will not only make them feel loved, but it also gives you a chance to reconnect with these older siblings that you might have forgotten about. 

Take an interest in what they do, show some responsibility by helping them cook dinner or clean up their room while telling them how proud of them you are.

4. Provide some special time with them while the new baby is napping

This will vary depending on the age of your child. Younger children would enjoy playing with or coloring pictures for their new sibling. Older children might want to help you fix up the room that is going to be theirs soon and show off how much they know about caring for babies by reading a book together about it!

Or keep away from anything related to their new siblings, Do with them any activity they love to do away from the new little one iat first, but later on you need to focus on activities related to his new sibling. 

5. Be aware of their feelings

Keep an eye on them and how they act, especially in the first period of the new siblings. He/she might be jealous.

Somehow it may be your (parents) or relatives actions that makes him feel this way. 

Most of the time he felt this way because of one or more actions  of parents or relatives. That’s why we tell you to keep focusing on all actions around your kid. 

You will need to speak with him and show him with doings how much he is important and needed in his family

6. Involving older children in caregiving tasks

Involvement is key. One way to help children bond with their new baby sibling is by involving them in caregiving tasks. This might seem like an overwhelming task for a young child, but it can also be very rewarding. Younger children can be encouraged to help set up the crib, make a meal for the family, or read to the baby. Older children might want to take on more responsibility and may enjoy choosing their sibling’s outfit or teaching them how to play a game. Whatever you choose, try to involve your child in some way each day.

7. Avoiding the “you’re not our baby” response

One of the most difficult things for parents to deal with after having a new baby is the response from older siblings. They may respond with “you’re not our baby” or that they don’t need a sibling because they “already have everything I want.”

Parents shouldn’t get angry and punish the child. Instead, they can reassure their child that they are loved and will always be their parents’ first priority. The best thing to do is to put the responsibility on the parents. They can tell their child, “Mommy and daddy really want you to love your new baby brother or sister, but we’re going to need your help.” This way, children know what’s expected of them and are less likely to feel resentful when parental attention is directed towards the new arrival.

8. Helping older children feel included

One of the best ways to help your older child feel included is to include him or her in baby-related tasks. For example, if you’re changing the baby’s diaper, ask your younger sibling for help by asking them to hold the wipes. This gesture not only helps the baby feel loved and cared for but also reassures your older child that his or her needs are important too.

Another way to make sure your older kids know they are loved is to take time just for them. Read a book together, go on a bike ride, or play one-on-one basketball with them. These activities will show them that you still have time and love for them even though you have another little one around.

  1. Encourage their interests and talents

In this period you will need to talk more about all the big siblings’ Talents and strength as usual but in this period you will need to talk and focus more on those points, keep your talk always positive. 

10. Keeping an eye on sibling rivalry

Older siblings may feel left out when a new baby comes into the house. They might start to resent their new sibling or even resort to bullying. It’s important for parents to keep an eye on these feelings and make sure they don’t get too serious. Make sure your older child has responsibilities that involve taking care of the baby, such as changing diapers or feeding them a bottle. These tasks will show them how important they are to the family and how much you value their contributions. Additionally, it will make them feel like more of a big sister or brother and help lessen the feeling of being replaced.

New baby bonding


A new baby is a big change for the whole family and it can be difficult for older siblings to understand and create a siblings bond. It’s important to be prepared and know how to talk to your older child. 

Even the most prepared parents can find themselves in a situation that makes it difficult to help their older child adjust. Keep these tips in mind when you’re helping your older children bond with a new baby and be aware it needs some effort and time to make a happy bonding between siblings.

Here is a recap for all the tips and ways we talked about.

  1. Understand the situation
  2. Make sure they know they’re still important
  3. Give them extra love and attention
  4. Finding time to spend with your older child
  5. Be aware of their feelings
  6. Involving older children in caregiving tasks
  7. Avoiding the “you’re not our baby” response
  8. Helping older children feel included
  9. Encourage their interests and talents
  10. Keep an eye on sibling rivalry 

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